NoCo Wind Ensemble inspires Fossil band


Tess Allen

Wind Ensemble begins their performance.

Macy Fowler

The University of Northern Colorado Wind Ensemble performed for the Fossil Ridge High School band students on Tuesday, September 4. Students were released from class to watch the performance, which began with with the “Grand Canyon Fanfare” composed by James Newton Howard. Conductor Kenneth Singleton led the ensemble throughout music composed around the world, from the United States to Czechoslovakia. Sophomore Josh Murphy was interested to watch the ensemble because of “the global perspectives of music. You hear a lot of American music and it would be nice to get some perspective on the world.”

Rylan Tasa, sophomore, watched the ensemble to “gain more musical experience. Maybe I could learn something.” Tasa could see himself possibly playing with a jazz band in the future, saying, “I like concert band but I couldn’t really see myself doing it as a career.”

The ensemble consisted of all grade levels, including some graduate students. “I was hoping to check out how UNC’s band is because I’m looking for colleges and I want to see their level of expertise,” said senior Hailey Bruce. Bruce sees herself joining a musical career in the future, currently playing the trombone. “If I had to play, I like playing heavy, dark Russian, symphonies, and I like jazz,” said Bruce.

The Wind Ensemble includes instruments like the flute, oboe, saxophone, trombone, trumpet, and more. The musicians of UNC come from all over the world, with many from Colorado, while some venture from Thailand, Brazil, Germany, and Taiwan to join the ensemble. The ensemble will perform at Mountain View High School before returning back to UNC to continue their studies.