Spirit Days: fun or flop?


Tess Allen

Lauren Zwetzig, Hailey McBride, and Cole Mason gaze into the distance.

Tess Allen and Maddie Booton

Among the many homecoming traditions, spirit days have always been popular with students. The ability to dress up at school with a bunch of other people is always an exciting and fun way to start the school year off again. This year at Fossil Ridge High School, Student Council put together Jersey Monday, Tacky Tourist Tuesday, Lumberjack Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and Fossil Friday for homecoming week, which spanned September 10-14.

The kick-off of homecoming week was far from perfect when the anticipated “Meme Day” was changed to “Jersey Day”. Some people were frustrated with the last minute change, which was announced on September 7, however the day was met with much enthusiasm by the majority of students. Jerseys could be seen throughout many classes and ranged from baseball to football with everything in between. Even though memes had been canceled, there were a few mini-memes scattered throughout the halls. Jersey day was quickly adopted by Fossil students.

After the small lull in spirit, Tuesday came back strong. “Tacky Tourist Tuesday” was by far the most spirited day of Homecoming Week. When walking into school, an overwhelming amount of Crocs, fanny packs, and leis could be seen. For many, being a tacky tourist was reminiscent of summer and the warmth. The energy was electric in the school on Tuesday because of the spirit that was represented.

“Lumberjack Day” was well represented and jump-started the excitement for the bonfire. Because the day was not the most difficult to participate in, flannels could be seen on almost every single student. Most people only wore a flannel, although there were some overachievers who wore overalls and beards as well. After school, students enjoyed the rival volleyball game and bonfire.

Out of all the days, “Throwback Thursday” had by far the least participation. People were confused and underwhelmed by the idea. The people who did dress up, however, went all out. Many generations and eras were represented, with the 90s appearing the most. The most popular looks were denim on denim or a nice windbreaker.

“Fossil Friday” brought home the week with a lot of spirit. The new Fossil Ridge shirts that were given to every student in advisory were the most popular item worn. It was apparent that students were excited for the upcoming homecoming assembly, the very first of the year. It was a great way to finish off the week and truly unify for the school year.

As a whole the spirit days of homecoming week were an amazing way to have fun with friends and show spirit. While they were not without problems, it was exciting to see students participating. The energy throughout the week was escalated and very positive.