Wrestling: a brotherhood


Annabeth Sarbacker

Some of the team members before the tournament begins.

Annabeth Sarbacker

On Saturday, February 2, the Fossil Ridge High School wrestling team competed at the Front Range League Tournament, where they took sixth place with 74.5 points. The tournament was hosted by Poudre High School and lasted over eight hours. The individual placers from Fossil were Ben Parker (fourth), Michael Bolduc (third), Austin Yeager (second), and Cody Ginther (second) in their respective weight classes.

Although few of the wrestlers individually placed, those victories were shared by the entire team. Without fail, every match was cheered on by teammates who cared and wanted to see each other succeed.The team is more than people who compete together—they are a brotherhood. Every member arrives over two hours before the tournament begins. They start off their morning with snacks, talking, and goofing around, which contributes to the friendships many of them attribute as their favorite part of the sport.

Together, they have worked tirelessly to build a team and each of them live with a constant mindset of improvement. Senior Hunter Geist-Sanchez said, “we look good. It’s probably been the best last four years,” when asked his anticipations leading up to the tournament.

Before the tournament, sophomore Ginther laughed and said, “I’m confident and I’m feeling myself.” His season has been impressive, as he has won 32 out of 38 matches. Competing in the 145-pound weight class, this tournament was characteristic,  as he accumulated 35 total match points across three separate matches. He finished the tournament in second place.

Freshman Bolduc began his day feeling optimistic as he stated, “Hopefully I can give them some good competition.” He proudly finished in third place for his weight class of 126 pounds. Over the course of the day he competed in four matches, one of which was concluded when he pinned his opponent with 19 seconds left in the two-minute period.


Cody Ginther

Annabeth Sarbacker
Ginther smiles during his second match.

What grade are you in?



How long have you been wrestling?

“Thirteen years.”


What made you first interested in wrestling?

“Oh, I wasn’t really interested, actually. My parents just signed me up.”


What is your favorite part about being on a team?

“Well I just like having bros man.That sounds really funny, but to be one hundred percent serious, It’s nice to have friends that  you’re really close with and you get to go and like assault each other, but then you’re buddies afterwards.”



Michael Bolduc


What grade are you in?



How long have you been wrestling?

“Three years.”


Why do you wrestle?

“It’s fun plus it’s the only sport I’m good at.”


What got you first interested in wrestling?

“My brother in law helped me find a sport that I was kinda good at, he’s helped me and coached me along the way.”


What is your favorite memory of the season?

“Hanging out with the team. They’re fun. They’re kind of annoying, but it’s cool.”


Annabeth Sarbacker
Bolduc as he lifts his opponent before slamming them to the mats.


The wrestlers have an obvious dedication to not only their sport, but also to creating a strongly bonded team. Even though they compete in matches alone, their culture of success is built from the foundation of support that they get from each other. Together, they will go on to the Regionals Tournament on the 15 and 16 of February, where they will compete to qualify for the state tournament.