Run to your TV to watch Runaways


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The teens standing together.

Macy Fowler, Academics Beat Leader

Fans of the Marvel Universe have plenty of shows or movies to choose from, particularly an abundance of the typical superhero/villain combination. Hulu partnered with Marvel Comics in 2017 to produce Marvel’s Runaways, a fresh concept brought in a superhero-filled world. The plot alone makes the show stand out, along with the intriguing and diverse characters. Six teenagers who were once best of friends separate due to a mysterious death within the group, all going their different ways in the jungle of high school. They were all friends because of their parents, and decide to spend one more night together for old times sake, but quickly discover a horrifying secret. The teenagers watch their parents sacrifice a young woman and almost get caught, which freaks them out even more. They have to decide, as a team, if they are going to handle this on their own or go the police, which could stir up even more trouble.

The somewhat unique and intriguing part of the show is that some of the teens do not have powers. Alex Wilder and Chase Stein are the two who are left without powers but stay with the group as inventors. Some of the girls do not even realize they have powers until much later on in the first season, and even into the second, they are learning how to control them. Molly Hernandez’s parents were killed in a lab explosion when she was a little girl, so she was adopted by Gertrude Yorkes’ parents shortly after, as the adults had been close friends. Karolina Dean’s parents run the Church of Gibborim, who worship “the light” that Karolina’s grandfather wrote about. Nico Minoru lost her sister, Amy, to a sudden suicide, or that is what she is forced to believe. Their parents are in a nonprofit organization called “Pride,” but it is really a front for their evil powers. The teens choose to run away in fear of their parents finding out the information they know. Their parents will do anything possible to get their children back home and explain their actions, but the teenagers will fight just as hard to stay at their new home in the mountains of Los Angeles.

Each episode shifts through different plots, but the main theme is taking down Pride, even though the kids are not quite sure how they are going to do that. Brian K. Vaughan is the creator of Runaways comic series, and is quite fond of the television adaption. The comic, although very popular, did not last long since the takedown of Pride in the end. With the show, they are able to direct different plots to add even more dimension.

Runaways was created on Hulu, but you can find the show on HBO Now, which you also need a subscription for. On Vudu, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, episodes are currently two dollars to watch. The diverse characters, whether by race or sexuality, bring a different dimension to the Marvel Universe that has not been quite seen before. With season three not yet renewed yet, some fans are worried the show will not continue, but many are hopeful. Once the third season is renewed, it is suspected to be released towards the end of 2019, sometime in November or December.