Myths of high school: debunked


Maddie Booton

The lockers in a bay I was so scared I would be pushed in to.

Macy Fowler

This article needs to be prefaced by the statement that everyone’s high school experience is different, these are just the things I have noticed in the past three years in this building. Without someone to guide me through the maze that is high school, this is for someone who maybe is scared; and does not have that older sibling to help them through it. In middle school, there was a small part of me that thought going into high school would be like all of the Disney movies, and I assumed I would end up singing along in the cafeteria. Granted, I do not have any older siblings, which meant I had not heard what it was truly like. I dealt, and still deal with, many ups and downs, which helped me to quickly learn this was not going to be some sing along, perfectly choreographed utopia.

Friend Groups

There is no set amount to the friends you will make in high school, nor an official group you have to spend all four years with. Most connections I have experienced were from classes I was scared to take and now are some of the strongest bonds I have. Of course there are cliqués within high school, but most people are friendly and open to meeting new people. You should not ever be afraid to be yourself and expand past your group, finding new perspectives. The only way I was able to make new friends was by putting myself out there and taking classes that pushed me out of my comfort zone. If I did not do that, I would not have met the people I call my journalism family.

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Mental Health

Another high school myth that I believed for almost three years was that I did not need help with my mental stability. This can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life, as they are growing and developing into who they want to be. According to Medicine Net, around twenty percent of adolescents are affected by depression by the time they are adults, and suicide is the third leading cause of death in people ages ten to twenty four in the United States. Getting help can be a terrifying thing, especially if you are worried people will make fun of you. I believed people would treat me differently or be rude about my depression. My friends were very supportive and I learned more of my peers suffer from depression than I thought. Your real friends will support you through the ups and downs, as there is a chance they have gone through the same thing. If you are scared to ask your parents for help, visit a school counselor for advice, or talk to someone you trust and create a plan. You are not alone, there is someone that can help you feel better.  The National Suicide Prevention Hotline is open twenty-four hours everyday and is toll-free. Additionally, there are plenty of online counseling sites such as Talkspace or 7 cups.

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One of my biggest fears is that the upperclassmen would immediately hate me. Not all juniors and seniors will hate you, or try to make your life miserable. Most of them like myself are not bothered by you being here, they are just pushing for the finish line to graduate and leave. I was terrified that I was going to get shoved into lockers and that upperclassmen would bully me, but that really is not the case. Most underclassmen and upperclassmen are actually friends, as they meet in clubs or activities they both enjoy. Almost all of the time, people are not even aware of what grade you are in, and do not care. There was the “tradition” of booing the freshman, once seen as a right of passage, was cancelled due to the fear of freshman feeling bullied. Sometimes I am still mistaken for a freshman, even though I will soon be a senior. The thing I realized is that most of us are here to learn and leave. We want to make connections and delve into the things we enjoy, not shove a freshman into a locker. This is in no way saying bullying does not exist, whether it is cyber or in person, but there are people to talk to that can help you. If someone is bullying you, they are unable to cope with an issue that is in their personal life, and hopefully you will not let it affect you.

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High school is a time to grow and learn, not spend your days worrying. This is where you begin to find yourself and explore new passions. Try not to think about the seemingly terrifying myths, because high school is what you make of it. Are there any myths you have noticed are not true about high school? Or are there ones you have found to be true? If so, leave your comment down below.