Colorless Color Dance relocates into commons


Anna Henning

Junior Windrem Smith shows off his skills in the dance circle

Anna Henning, Head Copy Editor

Anna Henning
Although some consider the event to be “an underclassmen dance,” juniors and seniors who attended felt strongly against that idea. They went right to the front of the crowd and brought excited energy.

To wrap up the first week of school, Student Council members organized the yearly Color Dance, with the help of Ridge TV. This dance is an annual tradition at Fossil Ridge High School, meant to welcome students back and to make them all feel more comfortable at school. 

The evening began August 23 at 6:00 p.m, and was quickly moved inside. Due to a lightning strike within three miles of the school, Student Council worked to move their set up into the commons inside the building. Additionally, students could not purchase color packets to throw, as it is hard to clean up afterwards. Students were disappointed with the weather changing plans, but made the most of it and danced the night away.

Anna Henning
Dalrymple sang along to every song. He said being a DJ is a challenge because “I have to always be excited for the crowd, but it is also very fun!”

Best friends and seniors Connor Dalymple and Carsen Miller were DJ’s for the dance. This is their second year running music for the Color Dance, and they have also helped with the Sadie Hawkins dance last spring. They worked on keeping the crowd energized despite the change of plans, having everyone hold up imaginary color and pretend to throw it in the air. The DJ’s love playing the song “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” by Buckwheat Boyz, and Dalymple’s personal favorite is “Fireball” by Pitbull. Some popular favorites were “Single Ladies” by Beyonce and the well-known line dance “Cupid Shuffle.” Dalymple and Miller strategically choose upcoming songs based off how the crowd is feeling, and what they respond well to. “If it seems like everyone is full of energy, or they are building the energy up, we would probably play a little fast and energetic song,” explained Dalymple. 

Anna Henning
Although school means the start of stress for many, the Color Dance allowed students to relax again, throw their hands up, and just sing with friends.

When the dance wrapped up around 8:00 p.m, and the final song was over, students were able to go outside and throw color, concluding the dance on a high note. Everyone ran around finally getting their white t-shirts full of various colors, throwing them at friends and into the air. Although they were unable to begin the Color Dance with throwing color, they still got to end with it. 

Dalymple reflected on the night, claiming “I was not super excited about [moving inside]. Having the color makes it ten times more fun, but we definitely made the best of the situation. I definitely had fun, and I feel like everyone else did as well.” Freshman Katelyn Hays enjoyed hanging out with her friends, and had a great experience at her first school dance. “There was a lot of energy when everyone was dancing,” she said.

The next school dance will be the Homecoming Dance on Saturday, October 26. More details on the dance will come closer to Homecoming week.

Anna Henning
The “Cupid Shuffle” takes to the floor.