Caeleigh Sebring


Caeleigh Sebring

Photo of Butterfly at Twin Silo Park Community Garden taken by Sebring

Lily K, Academics beat writer

Caeleigh Sebring, who is currently attending Fossil Ridge as a senior, is pragmatic, incredibly kind, and loyal to a fault. Sebring is an artist at heart and is always looking for new ways to channel her creativity. Partaking in Writers Guild, Photo Club, Art Club, and National Art Honor Society (NAHS), as well as taking AP Studio Art, she expresses herself in a variety of ways.

Caeleigh Sebring smiles in excitement as she take her senior photo
Caeleigh Sebring
Photography of pet one year old Meyers Parrot Sadiki, by Sebring

Sebring finds solace in these clubs, as they are very tight knit and have a relaxing atmosphere. She finds it easier to be her genuine self in these classes, and learns much from her peers. 

But her talents extend from artistic to academic as well. Sebring has been an active member of DECA for a few years now in which she has experienced many triumphs. Sebring won the social impact award in the Young Entrepreneur Tournament by designing a product to help kids in tough situations. She is also a member of National Business Honors Society and Model United Nations.

On top of all that, Sebring considers herself a bit of a mental health advocate, having spoken about the subject at the Denver Womxn’s March in the past. Having dealt with mental health struggles herself, it is an issue close to her heart and she strives to give a voice to others with similar issues and shed light on the stigmas faced by those with mental health issues by sharing her own story. 

Sebring has high hopes for the future, aiming to go to college once she graduates. Other items on her bucket list include traveling to Germany and starting a business.