Sabercat Story: Gina Curtis


Bryn Williams

Gina Curtis smiles at Horsetooth Reservoir while her photographer snaps her picture.

Kelly Colanto, Head Copy Editor

Over three years ago, when I was a freshman, my first ever article for Etched in Stone was a Sabercat Story on Gina Curtis. Now, as a senior and Head Copy Editor for the paper, I wanted to reminisce and update Fossil Ridge High School on Curtis’ life.

Curtis has grown tremendously as a person and she has flourished throughout the last four years of her high school career. She has maintained an incredible grade point average (GPA) and is currently planning on attending the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder studying computer science with a possible minor in education.

Since her last story back in 2019, Curtis has been working in childcare, a place where she finds true joy. She adores her position in her job and strives to be the top role model for the children who look up to her the most. Her ability to “influence young minds and [assist] them in becoming the person they are growing into,” continues to amaze the people around her.

Curtis states, “I love the kids’ energy, positivity, and constant excitement.”

Since she retired from Fossil’s volleyball team, she has discovered a newfound love for rock climbing and she enjoys any extra time that she can use to improve her craft. Getting new routes each time she goes and having her friends cheer her on is a constant reminder of her love for this exercise.

Gina Curtis poses beautifully for her senior year portrait during a warm summer day.

With Curtis moving on, she will be leaving her sister, Megan Curtis, a sophomore, and her little brother, Anderson Curtis, a freshman, behind. “Getting to spend quality time with [my siblings] makes my days since I know I will be out of the house soon,” explains Curtis.

As she enters her journey of post-secondary education, she hopes to end up pursuing a software engineer job or elementary education if it is possible to go that route.

Curtis has devoted her life to her schooling and extracurriculars. She is ecstatic to begin a new chapter in her life, stating, “I have always looked up to upperclassmen, and being one has made me realize that it wasn’t always as special as it seems. I am going to really miss the amazing relationships I have developed throughout my four years at Fossil… I will forever cherish the memories I made with my amazing group of friends that have been through it all with me; they helped me discover the person I am today.”