Halloween 2020: scarier than ever


Anne Arundel Department of Health

To be celebrate this Halloween, families have to take into account safety like never before.

Caroline Sears, News Director

Fallen leaves scattered throughout streets and sidewalks and festive decorations littering neighborhoods can only mean one thing: Halloween is approaching. However, this All Hallow’s Eve will look nothing like the last. This holiday season brings newfound uncertainty as Coronavirus cases in the United States rise. As the cases in Colorado will soon pass 90,000, paying attention to health official’s advice has never been so important.

The Centers for Disease Control guidelines have been the foundation for the community’s plans to keep everyone healthy since March. Recently, the CDC published its regulations for the upcoming holiday. Neighborhoods are becoming more creative this season in attempts to keep families safe. Some have come together for socially distanced costume parades or movie nights.

If people choose to trick-or-treat, the CDC recommends maintaining a six-foot distance between participants as well as masks for everyone involved. Those who want to give out candy should try to do so outdoors with individually wrapped treats for kids to grab and move on. 

Some families may opt for alternative celebrations. The CDC provides a couple of examples, like outdoor scavenger hunts, corn mazes, or carving pumpkins. These can all be done with members of your household or could be a safer alternative to indoor activities with friends.

For all of these options, masks and social distancing measures are encouraged if you are not with members of your family, but this depends on state and individual company mandates. In Colorado, masks are mandatory in public spaces until at least November 10.

There is no doubt that this season is unusual, but with compliance with these regulations, the return to normalcy will be much smoother. No matter how you chose to celebrate, have a fun and safe Halloween everybody!

For more official guidelines and information about COVID-19 this holiday season, check https://www.cdc.gov/