Fossil students become eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine


The COVID-19 vaccine becomes available to the general public, including those who are ages 16 and over.

Kelly Colanto, Social Chair

Over the past few months, COVID-19 vaccines have become increasingly available to the public, starting with people at immediate risk. But, with most of these people vaccinated, the next stage of vaccination will expand to the general public. So, as vaccines become more available to the public, will students at Fossil Ridge High School be eager to receive it or will they be more wary of the vaccination? On March 30, 2021, Governor Jared Polis said, “Everybody 16 and up will be eligible for the Pfizer vaccine [and] everybody 18 and up [will be eligible] for the Moderna and Johnson and Johnson vaccine [beginning April 2, 2021].”

With the ongoing face mask debates within our community and the possibility of the mandate being lifted, the pandemic is at its most controversial. The decision of receiving or rejecting the vaccine is completely a personal choice, however, President Biden strongly agrees with the idea of the shot, encouraging those who can receive it to do so.

President Biden receiving his first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine in late December.

To be clear, the shot will not make the recipient immune to the Coronavirus, but it will begin the process of creating antibodies that are able to combat the disease, thus decreasing the chances of either hospitalization or death.

As for the options of vaccines, there is Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson. Both the Pfizer and Moderna are two dose appointments, while the Johnson and Johnson shot is only one dose. There are many places to receive the doses: through your medical provider and all pharmacies.

As of now, Poudre School District is in Phase 4 Learning, a fully in-person schedule five days a week. According to Phase 4 rules, after a student has passed two weeks since their last dose, they may go against the school’s suggestion to quarantine after exposure in a classroom, however, they may remote learn if needed.

Personally, I am scheduled for my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine on April 13, 2021. I plan to write my experience with my first dose and another Fossil student’s experience after the second.

Will you be receiving the COVID-19 vaccine?


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