Volleyball team is finding success early on

Josh Dolan

Volleyball team is finding success early on

The 2013 Fossil Ridge Volleyball team is off to a 4-0 start. But it has taken a lot of time and effort for them to even get to this point. The girls play year round for school and for club teams, only getting about a month off during the summer. That off month is vital to their success because it gives them a chance to decompress and relax which propels them to come back with a newfound energy. Senior and captain of the volleyball team Sarah Dannettell said, “We know when season is back in, we are back to being focused.”

Dannettell says what makes this year’s team at FRHS different from teams in the past is “The depth of the team. There are many people who are fighting for the same positions, so the team is a lot more serious and competitive.” The team is full of players trying to prove themselves to the coaches and the rest of the team, which helps create a competitive edge in practice as well as games. The effect of this is that players are seeing a noticeable difference in themselves and their teammates. There are no guaranteed spots on the team no matter whether the player is a senior or a freshman and this keeps players on their heels always fighting to keep or gain a spot.

The team also has great chemistry with each other which is a vital aspect to success in team sports. The great chemistry helps players play for not only themselves but for their teammates as well. Dannettell thinks that their chemistry is one of the elements that can help elevate them to a volleyball state championship. “We play together as a unit and we do amazing things when we are all on at the same time” said Dannettell.

This team expects to be a very competitive team although that doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges. Dannettell said the team’s biggest challenge is “overcoming our big heads.”

The team’s next game is at Fort Collins on Sept. 26.