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Anna Henning

Anna Henning is a Junior at Fossil Ridge High School, and is very excited to return into their third year on staff. This year they will be Head Copy Editor and Academics Beat Leader. In the past two years on staff, Henning has always been in the Activities Beat and is interested to be in the academics beat for the first time. They enjoy reviewing movies for the paper and challenging their writing skills. They are  also excited for AP U.S. History, even though journalism is by far their favorite class, and their first off period. 

Henning is on Fossil’s dance team, and has been on the team for two years. Before then, they did ballet at their dance studio for eleven years. Their new favorite style of dance is hip hop since they never got to do it at their studio. They are in choir, a part of the select women’s choir, Vox Femina. Additionally, they are a part of their first year in National Honors Society. 

When not in school, Henning enjoys listening to alternative rock bands, their favorite being Twenty One Pilots. Their favorite movie series is Star Wars, and because of that, their Toyota Rav4 is named “Yoda.”  Yoda is also covered in Star Wars decorations and stickers. At home, Henning has a dog named Aspen, who they adore. Their dog is, “super energetic and sweet,” Henning says. They have lived in Fort Collins their whole life, so they enjoy traveling. They have been to eight other countries and they want to go to so many more.

Henning wants to go to college to major in Journalism, and possibly minor in Spanish. They do not know where they want to go yet, but Henning is excited to look into future schools.

Anna Henning, Head Copy Editor

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