Amnesty International hosts poster making party


Photo Credit: Anna Henning

Liam H. Flake and Anna Henning

On Wednesday, March 21, Fossil Ridge High School’s Amnesty International club hosted a poster party during late start and lunch. During the gathering, students gathered to create posters displaying messages against gun violence.

“We’re making posters to be hung around the school or to be taken to the March For Our Lives, which is a rally some of us will be attending this Saturday, March 24, in Denver to support change in gun control policies.” This is the purpose of the event, as stated by Fossil Ridge Amnesty International leader Brenna Ketchum. “It’s to express our views and our support of that issue,” Ketchum explained. Amnesty International’s support of gun control, however, is not unique to Fossil’s chapter of the organization. “Margaret Huang, the director for Amnesty USA, issued a statement a few weeks ago supporting the March for Our Lives, and urging Amnesty members to attend them in various cities across the country. They are very anti-guns,” Ketchum expressed. Amnesty International also provided poster ideas for the march.

Photo Credit: Anna Henning

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