Movie Review: Infinity War


Anna Henning

Avengers: Infinity War premiered April 26, after much anticipation from Marvel fans everywhere. After 18 movies leading up to Infinity War, Marvel has brought together tons of heroes from Earth, outer space, and other worlds. After seeing the movie myself, I enjoyed most of it but had a few problems with the plot choices.

Infinity War really got into the heads of both heroes and villains,which made the movie very emotional. Every character had to deal with loss, self-sacrifice, and pain. It pushed the boundaries of what success looks like for an individual and how they react to certain situations.

The heroes interacted in a way seen in many other Marvel movies, both arguing and uniting for a greater cause. Before watching the film, I was interested to see how characters from different movies would meet and interact together. This aspect of the film was done flawlessly, as it was approached in a very natural way. Even when different heroes would meet or learn about what they had to do, it didn’t drag the plot down or distract from the main focus of the movie.

Thanos, the main villain in the movie, was amazingly well developed as a character. In most movies, I completely hate the villain and have no understanding for what they are trying to accomplish. However, Thanos’ emotions, personal motivators, and ideals are well thought out and understandable. Even as a villain, he shows many sides of his personality from power-hungry, to merciful, to gentle. This made his interactions with the heroes even more interesting and improved the overall quality of the plot.

Personally, I found the plot to be frustrating. Although it was very well thought out, it did not follow a traditional story arc. The ending did not give a very clear resolution, and I was left thinking, “was that it?”. Although I generally like it when screenwriters experiment with things such as the hero’s journey, and not make it follow the same path as most movies, I thought it was too far off to be able to feel satisfied with the ending. The plot was tragic. Even within the small victories of battles, the darker tone and defeat took over those moments. The plot was refreshing, but, ultimately, I thought some of the choices were disappointing.

The visuals were definitely my favorite part of Infinity War. The amount of work and attention to detail that went into the fight scenes was really cool to see on the big screen. Also, all the scenes in space and on unique planets were breathtaking. I really enjoyed all of the thought put into making everything look realistic; it really added a lot to the experience of the film.

I do think some will not like what Marvel did with the characters and plot, but it is still worth watching. The script, music, sound effects, and visuals all flow together well to create a masterpiece of media. The way all the universes were brought together to one big story was really unique and I recommend seeing it in theaters.