Football Players, Homecoming Court, and Jigsaw Puzzles


Joshua Villalpando

Fossil Students watch the 2018 Homecoming Assembly.

Liam H. Flake, News Director

Fossil Ridge High School hosted their “Safari”-themed homecoming assembly on Friday, September 14, in the school’s gym. The assembly featured various school functions, including dance team, choir, the football team, the band, and the cheer team. The assembly also featured elements and setup from Ridge TV, class games, emcees Austin Hand and Amelia Overholt, and revealed homecoming court for the junior, sophomores, and freshman as follows:

  • Homecoming Prince: Ryan Cleverly
  • Homecoming Princess: Bridget Baer
  • Homecoming Duke: Jay Hirning
  • Homecoming Duchess: Lariel Henley
  • Homecoming Lord: Nathan Hallmark
  • Homecoming Lady: Mia Shanley

Candidates for Homecoming Court included Samuel Oversen, Madeline Clark, Braden Dix, Allie Ressler, Madison Bell, and Marcus Baer for freshmen, and Lily Osios, Tyce Baldwin, Morgan Hattem, Tanner Arkin, Kylie Becker, and Ridge Bowolick for sophomores. Additionally, upperclassmen candidates included Josh Hansen, Lauren Zwetzig, Rachel Lambrecht, Carter Lake, Lauren Houldsworth, and Jack Eastwood for juniors, and Josh Lee, Emily Drysdale, Zara Alkaff, James Zheng, Cole Mason, Megan Bean, Casey Knutsen, Riley Zhun, Charlie Durban, and Jack Cosper for seniors.

The Homecoming King and Queen will be revealed at the Homecoming game.