“Knowledge Bowl” cleans up at Trivia Night

Arjay Wiatrowski

Fossil Ridge High School’s Trivia Night took place on Wednesday, March 6th. To compete in the contest, the price was $12, and for those who paid at the door, it was $15. All the proceeds went to Make-A-Wish, and Fossil was able to donate $1000 to Make-A-Wish. There were six categories: music, science, pop culture, humanities, movies, and sports. Twenty-one teams played for gift cards to Smoothie King, Harbinger Coffee, Tom and Chee, and Mad Greens. They also won prizes for a Sephora bag, free Potbelly Sandwiches, AMC tickets, and free Qdoba.  

Arjay Wiatrowski
“Knowledge Bowl” doing an activity in between rounds

There were a lot of emotions throughout this competition with all the different teams, including a lot of smiles and interaction with the other players. There were a lot of laughs and excitement, and the overall energy was really nice. Along with these exciting emotions, there were waves of frustration when the teams would miss a question, but the excitement and laughs picked right back up. After the main rounds were finished, the four winners were “ChiSquared”, “Metaquizzical”, “Knowledge Bowl”, and “Boolers”. These teams competed in the buzzer round.

Before the teams competed, the team “Cs get Degrees” were asked how they felt going into this competition. They had a variety of emotions—they were “hyped” and scared at the same time.  The team “Double Trouble” exclaimed they were in it for the fun; they explained that they knew they were not going to do well but participated because they would enjoy it.

Before the buzzer round, the team “ChiSquared” was very confident about winning. James Zheng said that he had “pretty good teammates” who know a lot about what they were doing. There were also teams like the “Boolers” who were not as confident about going into the buzzer round; they stated that “we are just in it for the free Qdoba.” After the first round, between “Knowledge Bowl” and “Metaquizzical,” the score was nine for “Knowledge Bowl” and six for “Metaquizzical”.

Arjay Wiatrowski
“Harvard Dropout’s” posing before the competition

Round two was between “Boolers” and “Chisquared,” and during this round, “Boolers” were having a lot of fun and just enjoying their time. The round ended with “chiSquared” at eleven points and “Boolers” at three. Moving on to round three, it was “Knowledge Bowl” and “ChiSquared” in it for the win. There was a lot of frustration and the teams were really competitive. The round ended with “Knowledge Bowl” winning at nine points and “ChiSquared” at five points. The buzzer round was full of excitement and frustration between questions.

Mr. Pfeifer, who is an organizer of the event and who sponsors the Academic Council, said that the event, “went really well and everyone had a good time. There was a lot of energy.” Everyone had a good time regardless of winning or not. Mr. Pfeifer hopes to continue with this event in the future because everyone has a lot of fun during it.