Sabercat Story: Mrs. Archer


Provided by; Mrs. Archer

Macy Klein, Sports Writer

Think of a teacher who has a passion for teaching and loves sharing her passion with students, a teacher who brings fun into the classroom. Lorraine Archer is that teacher, she has been bringing fun to the classroom for 30 years now and has taught at different levels including elementary schools, middle schools, and at Colorado State University. After many years of teaching,  Archer is planning on retiring from that profession in about about eight years.

Archer has a teaching style that is different from the spanish teachers at Fossil Ridge. She makes sure her students have positive interactions with each other while participating in fun activities that help students learn. Archer’s class involves lots of hands-on type of work and interacting with the language she teaches. Students in her classroom are always speaking spanish and stepping out of their comfort zone with the activities that she provides. Not only does she provide fun activities, Archer always has good stories to tell her students when one of her lessons reminds her of that event she is telling. Archer is able to connect to her students through teaching spanish which is what can make a class even more fun to attend.

Mrs. Archer has known for a very long time that teaching is her true calling, “When I was about nine years old, I would always try to educate the kids in my neighborhood about stuff I knew,” Archer states. Archer loves teaching but it obviously has its ups and downs. Like most teachers, Archer’s least favorite part of teaching is planning each day to the specific curriculum of the school. Archer’s favorite part of teaching is the students she teaches. She loves kids and has a passion for sharing her love of Spanish with the students she teaches.

Archer was born in New York City and lived upstate until she moved to Fort Collins at age 14. Archer grew up with an older brother and her grandmother, who lived with her family, along with her miniature poodle named Cocoa. Archer was not a child who wanted to stay inside and watch TV, she was always outside riding her bike and had a lot of friends to play with. While she liked to be outside all the time and play around with the neighbors, she was always a rule follower and never got into much trouble which made her parents happy.

Outside of teaching, Archer loves spending time with her family and friends and absolutely loves watching baseball. Ever since she was a child, Archer was always playing outside but she would always rush inside to catch a baseball game on TV. She also has an outstanding collection of baseball cards. Archer loves playing pool and likes to go on walks. She loves her poodles and enjoys listening to Spanish music. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite food is chicken tacos especially homemade tacos. Archer’s life philosophy is “Give, Do, and Put others first”.

Mrs. Archer has been an incredible part of the language department and loves sharing her passion of Spanish with the students she teaches. Fossil Ridge is lucky to have a teacher as dedicated and as fun as Mrs. Archer.