Editor’s Note: Goodbye


Ben DeGear

J-Day 2018 Group

Olivia Doro, Editor in Chief

It happened. Four years came and went in the blink of an eye, and just like it started, I will be leaving with journalism. When I walked into room N123 for my first class on my first day of freshman year I had no idea the impact and relationships it would bring into my life. Mr. DeGear became more than a mentor, he became the one teacher in this school I knew would be there with the answer and help I needed no matter what. Each year’s staff members became a family that laughed, supported, and worked together to create one heck of a paper, but mostly, Journalism gave a group of kids a place where they were always welcome. So, before I go, here is one last Editor’s Note to say what I learned and say goodbye.

To be quite honest, I was nervous and terrified to step into the role of Editor in Chief this year. I did not think I would be able to give anyone the kind of help and support I received from my mentors, but somehow I did. With being EiC, there was so much more than just writing and teaching: there was also being a parent, best friend, teacher, and role model to kids. Not only did I watch them grow as writers, but I wiped away tears over bad friendships and failed math tests. My role extended well beyond the class, and the relationships I built from that are something I will bring with me and cherish forever. So to the young ones who made me into a mentor, thank you for teaching me how much compassion and care I was capable of giving you while also letting me pass on all the wisdom I had gained from journalism.

Secondly, I learned that it is really lonely at the top. Being in a position of leadership means people ask a lot of you, but rarely ask how you are. It was hard to give so much and feel like I was not really needed or wanted. However, my staff made it less lonely—with hugs, awkward handshakes, and endless love in the smallest ways almost daily. I do not think my staff knows just how much they did for me in the end, because although it was hard at times, they never failed to amaze me and make me proud. That made the loneliness worth it and proved to me that I really could make an impact with them.

Lastly, I am beyond ready to say goodbye. The staff has two amazing new co-Editor in Chiefs who will do great things when they take control.  They that cares about the success of the paper just as much as I did. They have a group of incoming kids who will hopefully join the family just like I did, and to those kids, I hope you know how much this class will change your life. It pushed me out of my comfort zone, gave me a passion I was not aware I had, and grew me into a person my freshman self would have been proud of.

The reason I am ready to say goodbye is because I know the kids who will be taking over are more than prepared and ready to be in charge. So to all my younger staff members, firstly: you did it. Through all the obstacles I watched you overcome and all the progress you made, you have made it. I am incredibly proud of the amazing young women and men you have become, and I know you still have plenty to say and do before you leave N123 as well. Next, I hope you take risks and turn the paper into something deserving of a Pacemaker. You are all more than capable of becoming Reporter of the Year and winning countless Best of Colorado awards. So go for it, jump right in, and do not for a second doubt yourselves. Good luck.