The Claude Monet Exhibit


Alaina Yeager, Independent writer

The AP Art and Design class took a trip down to the Denver Art Museum. We had the chance to visit the Claude Monet exhibit. The moment we walked in; it was hard not to notice the humidity in the museum. The humidity was so intense in the museum, but we knew the reasoning for this was solely to keep the art in good shape.

We walked with our group up to the entrance of the Monet exhibit, where we were offered digital devices offering a more information-filled tour. These devices corresponded with different numbers throughout the exhibit, each one associated with a painting or room. You could type the numbers associated with the painting or the room you were in into the device. When the numbers were typed, information was given to us through the devices, kind of like a phone. It was information given to us in each separate room about the paintings. 

Monet was a painter who was born and raised in France; he even studied art at a University in Paris. He was known as one of the “fathers” of the impressionist movement, well known for how he expressed his perception of nature and the way light reacts with the world through his paintings. Monet traveled around Europe and visited places such Normandy and the Netherlands, creating many pieces of art based off what he saw in his travels. In more than two decades, Denver Art Museum is the biggest Monet exhibit. All the artwork was brought to the museum from other exhibits around the world or generously borrowed from lucky individuals who own them.

Each room was a separate color, with paintings consisting of the same ideas. For example, there was a blue room with winter paintings. Every room I walked into was a different feeling. I think this is because certain feelings were associated with the paintings I saw. His paintings were not extremely realistic paintings. Even though up close the paintings just look like a bunch of marks in different colors of paint, but from far away, the total image is clear. The art had so much color and value to it.

Overall this exhibit was worth going to, I have never seen anything like it. I think that I have a different appreciation for how different styles of paintings and artists all have their own style. This is something that I want to do in my own art.