Girls basketball triumphant over Impalas


Nick Bell

Lauren Zwetzig converts a layup in the early stages of the game

Nick Bell

On Friday, January 24, the Fossil Ridge High School Girls Basketball team defeated Poudre High School 43-36.

It was a good game from the start. In the first few minutes, both teams exchanged points and fouls. Converting a free throw and then traveling down the court and conceding a layup, the game was neck and neck. With a few minutes left in the initial quarter, Fossil began to pull ahead. That quarter would end 12-5 in Fossil’s favor.

The second quarter was much of the same. Fossil continued to dominate, both behind the ball and when going up for layups. Once halftime came, Fossil pulled away by 5 more points as the score read 27-15.

Fossil continued to ride this momentum all the way until the buzzer rang. Intimidating defense complemented by impressive offense was Fossil’s main element to their success.

Energy was key throughout the game. Whether it was Poudre’s bench constantly yelling on defense, or the crowd heckling and screaming at the Fossil players, it was certainly an unnerving environment. Head coach Jamie Menefee was ready for this way before tip-off. “It’s always tough to play a city team in their gym,” Menefee states. “There will be a lot of energy and so usually the team that can control their energy best has the best start.” This philosophy was evident throughout the entire game, as the Sabercats never lost their composure.

This is not the first big win the Fossil ladies have gotten by any means. Teams such as Windsor High School, Boulder High School, and many more have fallen victim to the Sabercats in the last season. Menefee’s key to success? “Great senior leadership. Both in terms of skill and attitude.”

Friday night was not only a big win for the Sabercats, it was a testament to the ever-strong season they have had so far. Proper coaching, attitude, and play have all come together, and Fossil’s win over Poudre proved that.