Keeping occupied during the quarantine


Melissa May

One of the best ways to keep busy during the quarantine is going outside and being active, no matter how you do so.

Melissa May, Arts Writer

From the beginning of quarantine during spring break, followed up by the time off from school being extended until summer, all the way to the state-mandated closures of non-essential locations and public gatherings, the past few weeks have been beyond hectic. It has felt like every day there is a new development in COVID-19 and the ways it is affecting the world around us. Despite how chaotic everything has been recently, the past few weeks have also been filled with lots of time spent in the house, cooped up, watching television and going on social media. 

During this time when everyone is at home, stuck in the house, and likely getting bored, it is important to find some things to keep yourself occupied and entertained. I have personally been spending a lot of time cooking, watching new TV shows and movies, and going outside (within the quarantine’s guidelines). I think it is crucial to find new things to do and even hobbies to pursue to make sure the next few months go as smoothly as possible while we all try to do whatever we can to slow the virus’s spread. 

The first hobby I would recommend to anyone bored in quarantine would be cooking and baking. It is something I really got into last semester when I took Gourmet Foods, but since I have been home and have had an excess amount of time on my hands, it has been a really good way to stay occupied. It also helps that I see about twenty different recipes on social media every day, so there is a lot of inspiration as to what you can make. 

I enjoy cooking and baking a lot because they are a fun way to busy yourself while you may otherwise be bored in your bedroom, while also getting delicious results that you made yourself. In my house, it has also become a family favorite hobby because everyone gets to enjoy whatever I made. It is probably my favorite thing to do while stuck in the house, and I would suggest it to anyone looking for a new hobby because it is a really enjoyable way to keep busy. 

When I am not feeling so motivated to get up and cook something, I have found myself spending a lot of time watching or rewatching TV shows and movies. This activity in itself is not exactly a recommendation, because I am positive everyone has been spending plenty of time watching TV, but I would like to suggest some of my favorite things I have seen. The first two shows I have been watching are Parks and Recreation and The Office. I have seen them both many times over, but comedy shows are some of the best ways to occupy your mind during the quarantine and I would greatly recommend both of these to anyone who has not watched them. 

I also watched Onward on Disney+, which was released on the streaming platform because they obviously could not do a theater release. I thought the film was really good, and I would definitely urge anyone looking for a heartwarming movie to watch it. The most recent thing I watched was the Star Wars prequel trilogy. I was definitely late to watch them, as the third one was released in 2005, but I thoroughly enjoyed them and would recommend the whole Star Wars franchise, as the films are an amazing binge.

The other main activities I have been doing have been walking outside, whether that be with my dogs or without, and just trying to get outside in general. It is obviously not okay to violate the quarantine and social distancing guidelines, but if you stay six feet from other people while you are outside, it can be one of the most relaxing things to do. Staying cooped up inside all day is not the best tactic during quarantine, and it is really important to try to get outside every day, even if it is just for a quick walk down the street and back. 

Getting outside also helps with getting some physical activity. Although all gyms are closed for the foreseeable future, simple things like going for a walk or a quick jog can help keep you feeling good physically and mentally. I always feel really good after getting outside, especially since it has been warm for the past few days, and it honestly keeps me motivated to work on school activities and get my required work done. 

Overall, the importance of finding ways to stay occupied and entertained has never been as important as it is now. No matter what shape or form that entertainment takes for you, it is critical to figure out different activities that make you happy and can help you get your mind off of the quarantine, so try to enjoy daily life as much as you can during this time.