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Melissa May

Melissa May, a junior, is starting her third year as an Etched In Stone staff member. She is excited to be back writing for the newspaper, and is optimistic heading into the year despite the unusual circumstances. This year, May took on the role of Head Copy Editor, and she will be editing articles as well as writing about Fossil’s and the community’s news. She loves writing about the arts, politics and different opinion pieces, and the students and teachers within Fossil.

May moved to Fort Collins before her freshman year from South Florida, where she was born and raised. She explains that “Colorado has a very obvious clash from South Florida, in lots of different ways, but [she] loves it here.” Outside of school, May loves being around her friends and family, getting outside and exploring nature, and listening to music. She also loves going to concerts, and has been to a few concerts already, her favorite being the time she saw Tyler, The Creator at Red Rocks. She hopes to continue attending them, as it is “a great opportunity to be with [her] friends and listen to artists [they] love and look up to.”

Beyond just her hobbies, May says that she loves being with her family, and that they “always make her happy.” She lives in Timnath with her parents and three dogs, Lady, Minnie, and Buddy. Her older brother, Greg, is in his junior year at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, and May explains that she “loves when he comes home,” as he is “one of [her] best friends.” She misses her family in Florida, but also expresses her excitement for the next time she will get to see them, looking forward to finally getting rid of the distance between them.

May is not entirely sure what her future will hold for her, but she has hopes of attending college and furthering her education. “I’m not sure what I want to study, but I have always been interested in psychology, and I also want to continue learning Spanish in the future.” With that somewhat uncertainty surrounding the future, for the time being, she just hopes to make the most of her high school career and enjoy everything in life as it comes to her. 

May’s writing and editing skills will continue to improve the paper and the Journalism class as a whole.

Melissa May, Head Copy Editor

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Melissa May