How Fossil is celebrating Inclusion Week


Jordan Brownhill

Information is posted around Fossil’s halls to spread awareness about Inclusion Week.

Jordan Brownhill, Social Chair

Navigating the world at such a young age is challenging for many high school students. But this task is made even more difficult when a part of yourself causes people to overlook you and your talents.

This week, Fossil Ridge High School celebrates Inclusion Week, a week in which schools make an effort to include all groups of people, no matter how different.

Fossil is participating this week by getting students involved in spreading awareness for groups that need to be represented. Fossil has clubs such as Gender Sexuality Alliance, Fossil Friends, and the Fossil Equity Coalition that work to help specific groups feel included in our community.

However, Inclusion Week is about uniting those groups to make sure that people are able to feel as though every part of their identity is of value.

Bailey Miller, an english teacher at Fossil and the leader of Fossil’s Inclusion Week celebration, encourages students to recognize that all people with disabilities also have several other parts of their identity that need to be acknowledged.

“Inclusion Week is a chance for people to spread the message of inclusion for all people, regardless of identity, background, ability, or disability,” Miller explained. 

Students wishing to participate in the inclusion of all groups can visit the table set up in the commons during lunch periods this week to purchase a T-shirt or sign the pledge.

By signing this pledge, students are making a promise to uplift others. Miller explains, “Students can sign saying that they will make an effort to include people no matter what they are, no matter their identity, in the school and in the community at large.” The proceeds from the T-shirts will go to Special Olympics Colorado.

However, the message of inclusion does not stop on Friday. Miller adds, “We want to make sure that people are continuing this kind of mission beyond Inclusion Week.” Miller stressed the point that Fossil Friends is open to anyone coming to the weekly meetings at lunch in room 225, in order to learn about their peers and the community at Fossil of people with disabilities.

No matter who you are, it is important to work to create a positive environment for both the people around you and for yourself, both this week, and beyond.