Fresh Club to attend the Environmental Leadership Summit


Kelly Colanto

With the intent to help save our planet’s future, Fresh Club will be attending the Environmental Leadership Summit to learn more about what they can do.

Kelly Colanto, Head Copy Editor

Fossil Ridge High School’s Fresh Club will be attending the Colorado State University Environmental Leadership Summit on April 15, 2022. The conference will cover topics of climate change, global warming, sustainability, and everything in-between.

Fresh Club’s teacher sponsor, Leslie Smyser, explains this event, saying, “The Environmental Leadership Summit is a great local opportunity to get access to world-renowned speakers and cutting-edge ideas about climate change and meaningful actions.”

Fresh Club deals with current events and aims to make a powerful impact on many environmental issues. To learn more about the group, read this article. This feature was written with a lot of depth and sheds light on how Fresh Club deals with current issues in our community as well as around the planet.

“[The Climate Summit] is also a great way to get connected to like-minded students in the area and learn about climate science opportunities at CSU. I would encourage all students to look into the event on April 15 and register.”