AP Art students share a year’s worth of hard work during showcase

Some of the many works displayed in the AP Art showcase.

B. Horvath

Some of the many works displayed in the AP Art showcase.

Bruna Horvath, Staff Writer

On Tuesday, May 3, families, Fossil Ridge alumni, students, and teachers came together to appreciate the work of AP students in the annual AP Art Showcase. Students showcased their AP portfolios, compiled of pieces that they spent the year creating. Pieces with a variety of different mediums and themes were displayed all throughout the commons for all to observe.

Unlike many typical AP classes, AP Art and Design requires students to create a portfolio made up of a variety of their works instead of taking a formal AP test. Each student bases their portfolio off a question of their choice that they base all of their pieces after.

Karen Lemmon, the teacher for AP Art this year, is sad to announce that this year will be her last year teaching AP Art and Design. However, she knows that AP Art will be in good hands next year when Chelsea Ermer takes over.

Senior Cameron Carcasson describes his portfolio: “My sustained investigation explored how I can portray manipulation through strings. I portrayed various different types of manipulation like verbal, emotional, physical, tactile, manipulation and used string and all of my pieces.” he explains.

Mia Shanley, another senior AP Art student, said that her question for her portfolio was how consumerism affects women.

Shanley describes the inspiration behind her portfolio, “I’m speaking from personal experience, but women feel like they need to be done up and look presentable to be worthy of attention and eyes and stuff; but at the same time, [there’s a] contrast of eyes always being on you, telling you what you need to look like.”

For students that have an interest in the arts, AP Art and Design is perfect for anyone looking to expand their skills.

“It’s so much fun because you really build a community with everybody that you do it with… it’s a tight knit group and you’re with each other all the time,” said AP Art senior, Keeghan Delphy.