Heavy flooding prompts district-wide school cancellations


Topanga McBride

As of 2:47 am on Sept. 13, Poudre School District closed all of its schools. PSD announced via website “Due to heavy flooding in and around Fort Collins, many bridges have been closed. These closures will significantly impact car and bus travel around the district.” PSD expects more bridge and road closures to occur throughout the day. PSD announced that by noon decisions will be made about athletics and after school activities.

Some parts of Fort Collins are urged to evacuate due to flooding of the Poudre River. Multiple bridges are closed, including Overland Trail, Taft Hill, Shields, County Road 29, and County Road 21. Bridge closures have also caused road closures, including portions of Highway 34.

Rainfall is expected to be lighter Friday and Saturday, but pick up again Sunday. For more information, click here.

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