AP Art Showcase paints a picture of Fossil talent


The showcase displayed Fossil students’ artwork from the past year.

Melissa May and Kelly Colanto

On Tuesday, May 14, a variety of Fossil Ridge High School art students gathered in the art wing to exhibit their incredible artwork during the AP Art Showcase. Students from art, pottery, culinary, film, metals, and woods classes all came to present their works from the past year to parents and fellow students. Although the showcase featured a large assortment of art classes at Fossil, each student showcasing their hard work has taken the AP Studio Art class during the recent school year.

Rebekah Griffith, an AP Art student, displayed her different paintings and artwork from the year.

Throughout the art wing, students had the opportunity to display their work. Students from culinary classes baked sweets for the parents and students, such as different cupcakes and cookies. Students from art, pottery, metals, and woods classes had displays lining the hallways which showed off their work.

Pottery student, Caitlin McKinnon showed off her best pieces of pottery from this year.

Between art exhibits, a dimmed room projected a playlist of student-made short films which continued playing throughout the evening. Students and parents were invited to come in and watch any of the short films at any time during the showcase.

Student films were displayed throughout the AP Art Showcase.

At the entrance of the art wing, students from culinary classes baked treats for the attendees of the showcase. They made flavored cupcakes, cookies, and drinks for visitors. All of the students and parents were invited to enjoy the free sweets.

Some culinary students prepare and serve sweet treats to the parents and students who attended.

Emily Lukasik, a senior, has been in art classes all throughout her four years at Fossil. Her favorite piece that was displayed was her five nesting dolls because she worked very hard on them and she is proud of how they all turned out. Lukasik pointed out that being creative and original with her artwork has inspired her to continue to create new pieces.

Lukasik shows off her favorite piece of artwork from this year, her handmade set of nesting dolls.

A four-year art student, Cilo Lafferty, began painting around five years ago in middle school. Her personal favorite piece is the piece she crafted of birds and fish since she said it has a very well done compositional layout. Lafferty said, “Any kind of artwork you create should be cherished since it is one of a kind and no one can make anything exactly like it.”

Lafferty selects her painting of birds and fish to display on the easel, as it is one of her favorite pieces from this year.