Alex Husen’s Rise to Success


Jonny Tataje, Staff Writer

Grit and determination are just a couple words that can describe junior wrestler, Alex Husen. Husen has been a part of the Fossil Ridge High School wrestling team for three seasons now and plans on continuing for the rest of his time at Fossil. Outside of wrestling, Husen enjoys sharpening his martial art skills of jiu jitsu and muay thai, which he hopes to take further into a mixed martial arts career. 

Husen began wrestling as soon as he could in middle school after baseball, his previous favorite sport, was no longer in his interests. His family quickly took a passion for his new hobby and have supported him since. 

Husen points out two key factors that inspire him to continue. The first factor is the sense of being on a team and going through hardships with like-minded people. The second factor is the glory of the ride and the internal satisfaction he receives from participating in this grueling sport. 

“You go through all the stuff together. You go through all the activities, you get the work done that you need to, it’s like a grind set,” Husen states.

He is a threat on the mat, placing second at a recent tournament. Husen is not only proud of that achievement, but he is also proud of his personal growth as a wrestler. 

“I have seen a lot of growth in general, just as a wrestler. I’ve been getting quicker and stronger, and that’s all you can really hope for,” he says.  

While he may have the speed and strength, he is still focusing on improving his flexibility as he finishes out the season.

Husen dominating on the mat.

Disheartened that his wrestling career at Fossil will be over soon, Husen puts in as much effort as he can to make the best of his time here. He hopes to wrestle after high school, but if anything he wishes to begin an MMA career. On top of that, he is planning on becoming an international English teacher in hopes of helping people all around the world learn English. Keep an eye out for upcoming tournaments, as Husen is a wrestler that should be on your radar.