Meet Gage Ginther: Fossil’s Football Phenom


Dylan Heinrich

Ginther sitting on the bench with his teammates during a game against Windsor.

Dylan Heinrich, Sports Editor

For many watching a football game, they tend to ignore the offensive and defensive lines. Everyone notices the quarterback slinging passes, the running backs muscling their way for extra yards, or the cornerback who snags the game winning interception. However, most people tend to ignore the 5-on-5 wrestling match between the biggest guys on the field. For junior tackle Gage Ginther, he is proud to call the trenches his home. 

Football has always been a major part of Ginther’s life, including as part of his heritage. His dad, Jonas Ginther, played division two football as a tight end at the University of Nebraska at Kearney. 

Ginther once played tight end when he was younger, but eventually made the switch to tackle as he continued to grow. He is currently listed at 6’ 6”, 275 pounds and is often the biggest guy on the gridiron every time he steps on. Size is not the only facet to Ginther’s game, as the work of a tackle takes a great amount of finesse.

“I just like how it’s really technique based,” Ginther says. “It’s not just athleticism, I have to use my technique to make up for my size.”

Ginther’s prolific blocking was a massive part of Fossil Ridge High School’s successful offense that averaged 34 points and 424 yards a game this past season. The junior tackle demonstrated his dominance with 44 pancake blocks in only twelve games, earning him an honorable mention all-state honors.

Ginther dominating a Poudre pass rusher. (Dylan Heinrich)

These distinctions have earned Ginther multiple power five scholarship offers as one of the best Fossil football prospects in years. 

Ginther’s full list of offers include: University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State University, Indiana University Bloomington, University of Kansas, University of Missouri-Columbia, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Oklahoma State University-Stillwater, University of Tennessee-Knoxville, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Wyoming.

In addition to his official offers, Ginther has taken visits to several other major universities, including the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the University of Oklahoma.  

“[The visits] are super fun. Building relationships with coaches and getting to go to all these places,” Ginther says.

Ginther during his visit to the University of Oklahoma. (Gage Ginther)

Despite being known for his incredible football skills, Ginther stays plenty busy off the field. He loves to hang out with his friends and family. One of his favorite memories was going hunting with his brother, Cody. 

Ginther describes himself as an outdoorsman, with an enjoyment of hunting and fishing. When he is not out in the woods or on the gridiron, Ginther enjoys playing video games, specifically Rainbow Six Siege.

While Ginther’s accolades are already outstanding, it is important to remember that he is still only a junior. As a result, he will hope to lead the Sabercats next year during his senior season. While Ginther has not made a commitment decision yet, there is no doubt that he has a successful future in football ahead of him.