Why you should keep an eye out for the exciting UFC fights this year



McGregor and Khabib during their legendary battle.

Jonny Tataje, Staff Writer

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is regarded as one of, if not the most, grueling and most physically challenging sports to ever exist. Essentially, it is a fight to the death that is stopped mere moments before the fighter is critically injured or killed. Who would not want to watch two humans battle it out to determine who is the toughest and most resilient in the world.

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) was the first organization that revolutionized and made MMA popular. Founded in November of 1993 by Dana White, Frank Fertitta III, and Lorenzo Fertitta, the UFC has amassed a premium sports brand that now holds the record for the largest pay-per-view event of all time. Today, it is run by Dana White and contains the most skilled and entertaining fighters that television can ask for. While there are other organizations such as One Fighting Championship and Bellator, the UFC has by far had the most significant impact on the sport of MMA.

Not only is the aspect of fighting thrilling, but the lead up and trash-talk exchanged by the charismatic fighters can be argued to be the most exciting part. From the brutal roasts by Conor McGregor to the slander slung by Chael Sonnen, you can always expect a rage filled fight. Everyone wants to see two people who hate each other’s guts settle their beef in a fight to the death. 

Two fighters faceoff before their fight.

At this point I’m sure you would be surprised to hear that MMA and the UFC is one of the lesser watched sports in the world, this may even be the first time you have ever heard of it. I believe this sport needs more coverage and should be watched by all. Currently, fighters are extremely underpaid and one way to help solve that is by bringing the spotlight to this sport in order for it to continue for years to come.

2023 is an especially exciting year that includes many great fights early on. Jon Jones, who is considered the greatest mixed martial artist of all time, is coming back to fight for the heavyweight title against Ciryl Gane on Saturday, March 4. This is not the end as there are other great fights coming up, including a double champion fight between two renowned fighters, a trilogy fight to settle a huge championship upset, and another title fight rematch to determine the winner of a long, unsettled, argument. Keep an eye out for all of these exciting fights and make sure to check the dates to ensure you will not miss history in the making.