Fossil’s FRESH club hosts the first ever Walk-a-Dog-a-Thon to kick of this year’s Make-A-Wish


Jordan Brownhill

Dogs are a beloved companion in many Fossil households, so FRESH club hopes that an event centered around dogs will attract many students.

Jordan Brownhill, Co Editor in Chief

In honor of this year’s Make-A-Wish week, Fossil Ridge High School will be hosting many of its usual fundraising events. New on the schedule this year, however,  is the Walk-a-Dog-a-Thon, organized by FRESH club.

The event allows students to bring their dogs to walk around Fossil. For each lap completed around the school, participants will get a stamp on their hand. As people get more stamps, they will qualify for prizes handed out by the club.

After being given the opportunity to create an event to help raise money for Make-a-Wish week, members of FRESH club set out to create an event that could both raise money and be representative of their club values, which emphasize the value of nature and sustainability.

While their original idea was to have a hiking event, they soon discovered that a hike would be a difficult event to execute as it could not be held at Fossil. Because Avery, Fossil’s Make-A-Wish kid this year, loves dogs, the club members decided on the dog walking event.

While the idea was originally that of board member Clara Drysdale, the event was planned with the help of Mia Nye and Julia Zhang, also board members of the club.

The primary concern of the event managers is low attendance, as this is not one of Fossil’s typical Make-a-Wish events. In an attempt to combat this and promote participation, FRESH club members have hung posters around the school including information about the event and how to sign up.

Anyone interested in attending the event can pay a $7 fee on SchoolPay or a $10 fee upon arriving. Snacks will be provided for anyone attending.

Link to registration form