Fossil Ridge High School population shines at PSD Celebrates

On March 30, Kueter and Tucker stand together, celebrated by their colleagues at PSD Celebrates.

Mark Barry

On March 30, Kueter and Tucker stand together, celebrated by their colleagues at PSD Celebrates.

Sophie Webb, Social Chair, Social Media Manager

Last night, March 30, the Poudre School District hosted PSD Celebrates. The night ended with three of Fossil’s own earning awards: Morgan Kueter won the Mary Hull Award for Collaboration with Integrated Services, Mackenzie Tucker won the New to PSD Certified Teacher, and Brady King with the Outstanding Student Worker of the Year Award.  

The Mary Hull Award is now in its twentieth year, the award is honored to a woman who fits the definition of “considered an established business leader with a strong record of innovation in her field, outstanding performance in her business and/or a clear track record of meaningful community involvement”. 

Kueter, a science teacher at Fossil, was nominated by her fellow teachers. “It felt really good [to win], I had to be nominated by teachers in our building, so it felt good that teachers in our building saw the work we were getting done and honoring that,” Kueter says. 

She has been a teacher at Fossil for the past five years, and the Track and Field coach for eight. Kueter has been in classrooms for all of her life, being a sixth-generation teacher in her family. 

“I grew up in classrooms with my mom and my grandma,” Kueter explains, making this award even more special. 

Kueter was not even aware that she had been nominated for the award, until at a staff meeting held on March 30, Julie Chaplain, the school principal, announced Kueter’s nomination. 

She continues to shine as a teacher, making all of her taught classes enjoyable. Those who have her as a teacher and a coach always enjoy her bright presence. “She creates a really positive and accepting environment,” Lara Sasarman says, a student who has had her both freshman and sophomore years. 

“I like building connections between the real world and what we’re doing in our classroom,” says Kueter. 

Tucker has a bright educational future ahead of her, already liked by those who have met her. (Sydney Lammey)

The second teacher to win an award- New to PSD Certified Teacher- was none other than the new P.E teacher, who has attracted an immediate bond to her coworkers and students. “It’s cool to know that people here believe in me and what I’m doing and it feels really good to be recognized for it,” Tucker explains. 

She graduated from UNC with a major in Physical Education, making her a perfect fit for the gym at Fossil. 

“[My favorite part is] the relationships I get to build with the kids and my students, watching them play their games or just see them in the hallways,” Tucker says. Those in her classroom have gotten to experience her warming personality and in the following years, more and more students will be able to.

Brady King is 16 years old, he is not only incredibly hardworking, but a great peer to be around. (Jordan Brownhill)

The final reward Fossil received for the night was for the Outstanding Student Worker of the Year Award, given to sophomore Brady King.

“It was very awesome to be recognized for my hard work in front of a bunch of PSD employees and administrators,” King says when discussing his recent win. 

To win this award he continues to have a vigorous schedule, during the middle of the school day he works at Timnath, mainly focusing on repairing laptops and other technology around the school. 

In the future, he wishes to continue working in the district. “I want to work IT, preferably in the school district,” King says. 

Each victor is very proud of their achievement and wished to continue creating positive environments around them. Meanwhile, Fossil continues to succeed, being recognized at various ceremonies, a special congratulations to all those recognized yesterday evening.