Sabercats outlast Tigers in offensive duel


Dylan Heinrich

Brek Benedict after making a diving catch in center field against Erie.

Dylan Heinrich, Sports Editor

The first U.S. president George Washington believed that the best defense is a good offense. The Fossil Ridge High School baseball team agreed, defeating the Erie Tigers 20-12 in a batting slugfest.

The Sabercats jumped out to an early 16-1 lead through the first two innings. Fossil capped off the run with a grand slam from senior catcher Sam Pease. 

Pease had a phenomenal day hitting, in addition to the grand slam the catcher racked up an additional hit with two walks. He and the rest of the Sabercats have been on fire swinging the bats, totalling 46 runs in the past three games.

“Once we get going we just stay hot,” Pease said. “We’ve been staying hot and hopefully we stay hot through league play.”

Pease has started red hot on offense, with two home runs alongside 8 RBIs.

While Erie was able to bounce back with some solid offense, their comeback attempts were not enough. While giving up some chances on the defensive end, Fossil Ridge’s monumental lead was enough to give them their fourth consecutive win of the season.

This game marked their first home game since March 18, as they played four consecutive games on the road during that two week span. Just like everybody else, the Sabercats love to play at home due to reasons like proximity and an added number of fans.

“I feel like I play way better at home,” Pease said. “I love it.”

However Fossil Ridge will hit the road again on Thursday, April 6 against Horizon High School as they try to remain undefeated in league play.

“We’re going to keep hitting,” Pease said. “We’re going to keep winning games.”