Bowling night strikes the goal, continuing Make-a-Wish Week on an enthusiastic note


Sophie Webb

Both competitiveness and excitement filled the bowling alley, students participating thoroughly enjoying their night.

Sophie Webb, Social Chair, Social Media Manager

On Sunday, April 2, several teams filled the Chippers’ bowling lanes in order to participate in Bowling Night, hosted by Science National Honor Society (SNHS). The skill level ranged across the board yet one thing remains the same, the excitement made throughout the night. 

The event began at 5pm, lasting till 7pm, the winners being announced, the Mob Squad winning.

The first place winners of the night stand together in victory with their basket of goods. (Thea Weseloh)

In second place came the Bowling Queens, the most spirited team was Premarital Strikes, and last but certainly not least was the Worst Team, Smugly Ducklings. 

Once teams began meeting in their lanes they kicked the night off when they were ready, beginning on a positive note. “I’m really excited to bowl and I think we’re gonna have fun today,” junior Thea Weseloh says. 

Weseloh ended up being a part of the second place team, her team’s skill level slowly shining through despite none of them believing their team had a chance of placing. For most teams, it was about entertainment. 

“[The night has] been great, it’s really fun to just support the cause and have fun with my friends,” Keira Leistikow says, enjoying the night with her friends.

Several students and teachers showed up in support, a total of twelve lanes being filled with Fossil Ridge cheering. Multiple teams enjoyed coming up with their team name, some being Mob Squad, Bowling Queens, and We Don’t Know How to Bowl. 

“We’re not really good at bowling but it’s still fun,” Erin Padayachee exclaims. 

Multiple players hit the score 100, those more professional may have gotten a higher score.

Before the night even kicked off, Anton Johnson was the man to beat, seeing as he bowls at least four nights a week. “I spend too much time here, it’s my second house,” Johnson explains.

Johnson struck down yet again all ten pins on the first move, a strike his main move of the night. (Sophie Webb)

He continued to bowl strike after strike, meeting and exceeding all expectations, his team eventually scoring third.

A large variety of teams enjoyed their night, happy with the experience. “It’s pretty fun so far,” Mia Nye exclaims, preparing for her turn. The rest of her teammates cheered her on, as they were decked in school spirit. 

Another team of confident bowlers stepped up to the line, gaining a few strikes along the way. Lucy Corder spoke up for their team, explaining the excitement that filled the night. “[We may win] if we teach Sara [Naqvi] how to bowl,” Corder jokes. 

Yet the jokes slowly turned into reality when their team name was called for first. 

By the end of the night several teams were able to make it to a third game, just in time for the awards ceremony hosted at the end of the night. The SNHS board put on a fantastic evening and the attendance rate was even higher than anticipated. 

Kaci Swenson was a large part in making the night a success. “[There were] more people than we expected which was great,” Swenson says. 

She also participated in the night, having lots of fun with her fellow group members.

Overall this was another Make-a-Wish Week success, giving confidence for activities following the rest of the week.