Peardot dedicated to helping students


Zach Salazar, Staff Writer

Nick Peardot really cares about his students. As a Journalism and English teacher at Fossil Ridge High School for the last three years, he interacts with many different students around the building. When Peardot was asked about what he sees in his students academically he said  “I noticed personally my students that they really really crave support from people like myself and I think a lot of people are feeling kind of alone, misguided, confused about where to go.”

Peardot put a lot of effort into his teaching style and found his inspiration by one of his teachers. “I model my teaching after Star Hill.” Hill was just promoted to principal of Polaris Expeditionary Learning School here in town. “She was my English teacher when I was in middle school”, Peardot carried those lessons with him and he is a teacher today because of Hill.  “I want to be an extension of what she gave me to you,” said Peardot.

Academically, Peardot thinks apathy is a huge problem right now. Apathy is just a lack of concern. Peardot thinks that COVID really exacerbated that problem, because people could tune out really easily. He found it really difficult to get kids to engage with content. So he is struggling with that at the moment academically.

“He wasn’t just my teacher, we cared about each other and that is motivating,” said former student Sadie Sewell.

Peardot personally takes a lot of time to talk with his students about mental health and about their lives outside of school. 

“He always made sure that he knew what was going on and made the classroom a safe space that I could go to when I was in troubling times.” former student Sophie Webb said.

Peardot is obsessed with his magic card hobby, likes to go fishing and writes poetry as well. Something that Peardot likes to do during summer is spend time with his kids and he has all kinds of different things to do depending on the season.