Dance team expands their family


Lauren Rael

Dance Team crowds together

Macy Fowler

Fossil Ridge High School’s dance team has expanded from six to twenty in the last month. In the past few years, the dance team has dealt with a lack of members. It hasn’t been hugely promoted, but whether it was from pressure by friends or pure curiosity, 14 girls tried out for dance team this year.

During the spring tryout, one girl joined. During the fall tryouts, they gained 14 more girls, making a total of 20. Dance team has had a new coach every year, so their dance style is always changing. Currently, they’re doing a lot more hip hop than the last few years.

Gabby Actor, a senior, has been a part of dance team since her freshman year. Since her four years on dance team, this year has been the biggest yet in terms of people. The second largest team she’s been on was her sophomore year, with 14 people. “This year it’s more about the fun and sisterhood and less about winning,” said Actor. Her junior year they had “sisters” and Actor was put with her now best friend, Jillian Eddy. Actor’s best memory of dance team is all the things her and Eddy have done together. Actor danced competitively at a studio in eighth grade and once she started high school her mother wanted her to try out for cheer or dance, and Actor is so glad she made the switch.  

Eddy, a junior, has been on varsity dance team for three years. “It’s great having a bigger team,” said Eddy. She tried out for dance team for something different from studio dance. “I think I’ve become more of a leader within the team. I love helping my teammates and progressing together.” Eddy believes that dance team is a great way to be more involved with the school. “My most memorable experience I’ve had on the dance team was meeting my best friend, Gabby. I don’t think we would’ve known each other if it weren’t for dance.”

Mackenzie Lorenzen, a junior, has been apart of dance team since she was a freshman. Dance has taught Lorenzen a lot about leadership and working as a team to achieve a common goal. She decided to try out for dance team her eighth grade year because, “I felt like it would be a great way to feel involved in my school while doing something that I love, with other people that share that same passion.” Lorenzen’s most memorable moment was when she went to state her freshman year. She felt like it was a great bonding experience as a team and they all felt very accomplished.

Dance team is a great way to make connections and become apart of a new family. The team performs at school assemblies and football games. They won’t have auditions until next spring, but the current team members would definitely recommend trying out.