Amnesty International supports Rohingya people


A world map in room W105, where Amnesty International is holding its event. Photo Credit: Karen Manley

Karen Manley

Beginning November 14, Fossil Ridge High School’s Amnesty International club is holding “The Event,” a week-long event aimed at raising awareness about the Myanmar Refugee Crisis. There will be a total of four days, each taking place at lunch in room W105 and intended to highlight different aspects of the calamity.

Day one, November 14, is an overview of the week and will build background information of the crisis itself. Day two is documentary day, wherein students will be shown “The Rohingya: Silent Abuse.” Following this is a game day, in which students are given the opportunity to experience the realities of the lives of oppressed Rohingya citizens. The final day, Friday, is a write day, where students can write letters and sign a petition in support of the  liberation of the oppressed and displaced people.  

“We want to inform people of what happening in other places in the world because a lot of times we’re just in our little high school doing our own thing and not really paying attention to anything happening anywhere else…as high schoolers learning to navigate our world and we need to learn how people our age, and even not our age, experience it differently,” said Amnesty International representative Brenna Ketchum.

This small club would love to have your support, both with “The Event” and in upcoming projects. Amnesty International meets every Tuesday and Friday at lunch in room W105.