28 Day Journal: Finding my inspiration


Photo Credit: Macy Fowler

Macy Fowler

As of now, this whole journaling thing has been successful overall. On the night of Saturday, February 3 I actually found myself wanting to journal, to write about my day. I ended up writing about other stuff too, mostly about the person I wanted to become and some empowering poetry. Of course there were nights that I was really tired or didn’t feel good, so I only wrote a few sentences. Then the next night, I would write double to make up for the lack of writing.

Friday night, I found out that when I listened to calming music that didn’t have any words it has the best mood for writing. A few days before, I had downloaded Spotify, where I found multiple playlists I could turn on and just write. It was a good way for my mind to focus on writing and not be distracted with changing the song or pondering over the lyrics. I also decided to light one of my favorite candles, which transformed my room into an even more relaxed environment than before. Of course you don’t have to light a candle or listen to music to journal, but I’ve found that is what works best for me.

Sometimes if I have to do something, it becomes less fun for me. I found that when I just let my mind wander, the words flow and I didn’t worry about what I was saying or how I said it, I just continued to write until I felt that what was written was sufficient. The writing wasn’t just about my day, it was how I felt or new ideas I had come up with or people I had talked to. I wasn’t limiting myself to just bringing up my day, it became more than that. It become my way of venting and releasing my feelings in a healthy way. I’m also creating my own playlist that will be filled with songs that keep a smile on my face along with a list of simple things that make me happy.

I told a few of my friends about my journaling project and I found that some of them actually journaled as well. One of my friends keeps a more detailed journal, where she keeps her weekly calendar. My journal isn’t anything special, it’s just a hardcover notebook that I got for Christmas a few years ago from a friend with inspiring phrases across it. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it yet or buy a new one, but it’s great having a specific place to write.

I’m hopeful that by this week, I will have written more in my journal than last week. Over the past week, keeping a journal has been slightly tiring but for the most part it has become a wonderful, healthy way for me to vent and unwind before I fall asleep.