28 Day Journal: Coming to reality


Photo Credit: Macy Fowler

Macy Fowler

I’ll admit, there was a night I skipped journaling completely. There wasn’t even a sentence to explain why I wasn’t writing that day. I had been tired that night and it completely vanished from my mind. I woke up the next morning and when I saw my journal, my heart sank. Alright, that’s a little over dramatic but I really did feel bad. The past few journaling days, even when I didn’t want to journal, I would write a sentence explaining the situation and why I wasn’t going to write. Skipping a night to journal felt horrible in a way; I felt like I had let myself down and I had also broken a rule.

I’ve come to the realization that journaling, at least for me, might not be a daily thing. Of course I’m going to finish my 28 days, but after I’m done on this journey, I plan to journal only a few days a week. I found that when I really needed to vent my feelings or when I just had the inspiration to write, it become a wonderful place. It was a healthy way to release my feelings and to make myself feel better. I personally don’t work well when I am pushed to do something or have it enforced, so journaling has been slightly difficult. I want to be a person who journals daily but I feel like I’m unable to completely do that and not have it be subpar writing. Maybe in the future I will be someone who can write on a daily basis and be confident in that, but it just hasn’t clicked quite yet.

This week I wrote a note to myself, tore it out, and folded it up in the very back of the journal. My goal is to revisit the note when I’ve either written in all of the pages, or when I find the journal in the future. I wrote the note to myself to show how I can grow as a person and become someone who I truly love, inside and out. If you want to write a note to your future self, I suggest doing it. It doesn’t have to be anything deep like mine, it can be something funny or an old memory that makes you smile. I challenge you to write yourself a note and hide it somewhere, wait a while, and then if you remember it, your future self can read it and see how you’ve grown as a person.