28 Day Journal: Organizing my thoughts


Photo Credit: Macy Fowler

Macy Fowler

After skipping journaling one night, I had guilted myself into keeping my journal. I’m very aware that journaling daily isn’t the right thing for me. There are some nights where I’m tired, my eyes have been staring at words and numbers for hours, and I just don’t want to move my hand anymore. I would much rather watch YouTube and give myself time to unwind from the day. Somehow I continued to push myself on those unmotivated days until I reached my birthday, February 19. Debating with myself, I decided that I could have a break since it was my birthday and I was sick.

Motivation for writing a paragraph or more about my feelings everyday becomes boring and tiresome, at least for me. Forcing myself to do that every night made me want to do it less. Of course there are some people who write daily, maybe even more than just once. Yet, I just can’t get into it. I really enjoy venting my feelings in a safe way, but sometimes it felt better to talk with a person rather than write it in a book where no one would read it.

I want to find an blank journal that I can use as a way to keep track of things or sketch in, not entirely to just write my feelings in. My friend let me glance through her journal to have an outline of ways to set mine up in the future. There are things I want to take away from journaling once I’m done with my journey, but I don’t entirely know if I’ll journal everyday. The main thing I hope to take away from this adventure is how to stay organized. I want to create a calendar that could hopefully keep my week or month in check and that way I can keep my homework due dates organized.