Sabercat Softball returns to State Tournament

Macy Klein, Sports Journalist

The Fossil Ridge Girls Varsity Softball team has yet again dominated in the regional tournament are heading back compete in the state tournament. For several years now, Fossil Ridge has made it into the Final Four but have fallen short of a championship.That is about to change as these girls have the confidence and courage to finally win that State Championship they deserve.

Although their season hasn’t completely gone the way they planned, they still managed to stay strong and play through it. Towards the end of their season, one of the softball coaches had made an error in substitution causing two players to switch jerseys to avoid the infraction. Coaches were suspended for the rest of the season and the softball team had been banned from competing in the state tournament. CHSAA came to an agreement with the athletic department at Fossil Ridge that the softball team be reinstated for the state tournament. Senior, Kristen Reed states, “Losing our coaches only made us better, we have been working hard to prove everyone wrong”. Something positive after all did come out of losing some of the coaching staff.

 The seniors were worried about the way their senior season might have ended, they wouldn’t have gotten the chance to win the State Championship after four years of falling short. Senior, Amber King states,“It was scary at the time to think that I might not get to play another softball game and not get to finish what we started”. Senior, Mia Moddelmog comments, “It just would have been a really bad way to end our softball career at fossil and I’m so glad we were reinstated”.

The Girls Varsity Softball team has very high hopes for this year’s state tournament. Moddelmog states with confidence, “We know what we need to do to win, and we’re going to win”. The teams they are up against in the state tournament, they have already defeated earlier in the season which raises the confidence of each player. Reed states, “I feel pretty confident in our team. I think just any team we have a good shot against. If we put our minds to it, we can achieve it”. Not only are they ready to play, they’ve decided to change things up a little bit with their superstitions. Reed states, “We aren’t wearing a certain jersey because in previous years, so we’ll see how it goes”. Provided by Mia Moddelmog

 Good Luck to the Girls Softball team as they dominate at state.