Rent, inside and out

One final look at the 2018 fall musical

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Rent, inside and out

Every student poured so much emotion into their performances.

Every student poured so much emotion into their performances.

Anna Henning

Every student poured so much emotion into their performances.

Anna Henning

Anna Henning

Every student poured so much emotion into their performances.

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  • An empty stage awaits many set changes throughout the musical.

  • Lights lead Drew Meier oversees the lights board in the booth, managing changes in stage lighting.

  • House management is briefed by lead Autumn Gooseff in advance of the show.

  • The sound crew prepares actors' microphones.

  • Portions of the PAC were decorated to bring the overall feel of the musical literally into the audience.

  • The show featured background music from a live band onstage.

  • Costumes lead Averi Hughes and eight other costumers put hours of work into every little detail of every costume.

  • Hair, makeup, and costumes crews bide their time backstage during the show.

  • Every actor's character is very different, yet they all find community with each other.

  • Mark Cohen (Austin Hand) reflects on the recent events of his life.

  • Maureen Johnson (Megan Bean) implores an audience of protesters to jump over the moon.

  • Mrs. Cohen (Amelia Overholt) beseeches her son to call her.

  • Olivia Zadkovic sings with the rest of the ensemble.

  • Chloe Iverson and Aiden Lee dance in "Tango: Maureen".

  • "Seasons of Love" featured soloist Jackie Anderson.

  • Angel (Jay Hirning) was seen wearing many different drag outfits throughout the show.

  • Dancers in the number "Out Tonight" bring confidence and empowerment to the stage.

  • Roger Davis (Cade Frevert) questions the impact of his life in "One Song Glory".

  • Maureen Johnson (Megan Bean) and Joanne Jefferson (Morgan Schramm) cite their differences in "Take Me or Leave Me."

  • Ensemble members Espen Marston and Kira Johansen portray homeless residents of New York City.

  • Benjamin Coffin II (Parker Bennett) poses as an antagonistic figure in the first act of the musical.

  • Tom Collins rings in the New Year amidst celebrations and criminal undertakings.

  • Maureen Johnson speaks on the phone before going to join her friends.

  • Ensemble member Eric Sokolowski takes to the stage.

  • Angel dies in Tom's arms.

  • Tom Collins (Lucas Feuer) mourns the death of Angel (Jay Hirning).

  • Mrs. Cohen (Amelia Overholt), Mr. Jefferson (Blake Rouse), Mimi's mom (Kira Johansen), and Roger's mom (Chloe Iverson) all yell into their phones.

  • The AIDS epidemic brings grief to all throughout Rent; not a single person is not effected by it in some way.

  • Roger Davis sings the song he wrote for Mimi Marquez (Maria Cuddemi) as she is close to death.

  • Everyone celebrates after Mimi's health improves. They remain hopeful to the end.

  • Projections revealed footage filmed by Mark Cohen in the finale of the show.

  • An spellbound audience enjoys the show.

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