Opinion: Jenna Julien podcast brings fresh entertainment


Listen Notes

Jenna and Julien during an episode.

Macy Fowler, Academic Beat Leader

Podcasts are not things high schoolers would typically listen to in the car or while they are working on homework, but the Jenna Julien Podcast is one of those exceptions. It is not all about boring topics; they keep their listeners captivated while discussing intriguing subjects and managing to keep a comedic atmosphere.

Jenna Mourey, better known as Jenna Marbles, has been on the YouTube platform for over ten years, having created her channel in 2006. Her boyfriend, Julien Solomita, joined the community in 2012 after he met Mourey. Solomita’s YouTube video style is more vlog-based, where he is showing his daily life with short clips of their three dogs or what food they are making that day (since they are both vegan and Solomita is gluten intolerant). Marbles’ content is more focused on entertaining videos, where she puts her dogs in Halloween costumes or does face paint to make herself look like a chair. Together they created The Jenna Julien Podcast, forming a mix of the two very different personalities. Solomita is very carefree and relaxed, while Mourey is the one who reigns him in to keep their podcast on topic.

Julien (left) and Jenna (right) in their latest Conspiracy Theories episode.

The topics they cover range from unsolved mysteries, guessing the recipe, or the game they call “Don’t Even Get Me Started.”  The couple has also covered the drama with Jake and Logan Paul, bringing up quite meaningful discussions that are backed up by solid arguments. Sometimes the podcast has special guests, like Mourey’s manager, Rome Mcelroy, or Marlon, Solomita’s stepbrother. Currently, my favorite categories are “Weird Things” and “Unsolved Mysteries.” One of their running jokes is Solomita’s “fire segues,” where he smoothly changes the topic to speak about their sponsors in the middle of the podcast, which makes Marbles laugh or give her signature “Julien” gasp. They even have an episode where they analyze why they personally think the Ultimate Fighting Championship is failing and in another, the pair discusses YouTube’s demonetization issue. Some of their most popular podcasts are the Conspiracy Theories, where they discuss theories they found and researched on the internet. In episode #145, they delve into their dad stories, and episode #36 is all about Peach, Marbles, and Cermet, their two Italian greyhounds and one Chihuahua.

Podcasts are mainly seen as something adults or our teachers would listen to on their way to work. If the word ‘podcast’ pops up in a conversation, people tend to think about National Public Radio podcasts, Serial, or This American Life. The Jenna Julien podcast has over two hundred episodes, and with a variety of topics to choose from, I never find myself getting bored. Every week, a new podcast is uploaded to a few platforms, ranging from forty minutes to over an hour. The podcast can be found on Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, and the iTunes store. If you have listened to a podcast before and found yourself yawning, I suggest the Jenna Julien podcast to brighten up your day. It just might make you laugh a few times.