Senior Prom at Rigden Farms

Caroline Sears

Caroline Sears
The unique theme created a fun environment for the residents.

On May 11, 2019 Fossil Ridge High School’s own National Honor Society hosted the “Senior Prom” at Rigden Farm Senior Living. The theme was ancient Greece and all of the residents were dolled up for the prom. No photos or quotes can quite capture the magic of the evening.


A live band, Remember This, played hits from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. Many residents said the nostalgic covers were their favorite part of the evening. One resident, Betty, said her favorite part of her high school prom was her date, but “…that was in 1944.”

Caroline Sears
The live band, Remember This, played nostalgic songs from the 1950s through 70s.


This is just one of the many events hosted by NHS, each one bringing joy to the community and making it a better place. One member, high school senior Andrea Goertzen, stated, “I like that NHS gives us a lot of volunteer opportunities just to help out our community.”

The residents of Rigden Farms were treated to a night of dancing, nostalgic music, and friends. One resident, Bob, said, “My senior prom was 65 years ago”. He recalled giving a speech to his senior class during graduation, explaining, “I told them, ‘Today you follow, tomorrow you lead.’”

Caroline Sears
Seniors dance at the Ancient Greece themed Prom.

Bob also has some words of wisdom for today’s high school students; he said, “These young people are our future, be careful now, the future is right behind you…just do your thing.”

Just a few weeks ago, our very own Fossil seniors enjoyed their prom. Thanks to NHS, the residents of Rigden Farms danced the night away. And, even just for a hour or two, the residents were able to feel the same magic in the air.