Technology’s effect on our school library

Caroline Sears

In the world we live in today, it is easy to get swept up by the convenience of technology. Definitions are at our fingertips and explanations can be downloaded in a second. The Fossil Ridge High School library, however, has yet to be exchanged for a convenient shortcut. 

C. Sears
Fossil’s collection of audiobooks in the Media Center

Fossil no longer has a licensed librarian, but just last year Lana Fain was one of the few licensed library media specialists in Poudre School District. I went to Fain, who is now an online class teacher, to investigate the status of print books at our school. For over a decade, she has guided students to the many adventures and experiences tucked in the shelves, in the form of books. 

Although many assume that online alternatives would lead to the extinction of print books, Fain says, “Print books for recreation are still very much in demand.” She believes that e-books and Kindles have not taken away from the magic of reading. She adds, “When you are reading recreationally, actually having the book in hand, I know there is convenient, but it feels different. When you are doing research, I think there is a very strong reason to be using databases… Reading a novel is a process, they serve a different purpose.” 

C. Sears

Fain has been with Fossil for fifteen and a half years; she was one of the first staff members hired. Before she joined Fossil’s team, she taught French and Spanish at Preston Junior High School. Her favorite books include the Maisie Dobbs series, Snowflower and the Secret Fan, and Harry Potter. She loves historical fiction and helping others find a book that suits their interests. 

Fain would like to encourage people to read outside of their comfort zone, and tells all students who believe that they do not enjoy reading that, “You just haven’t met the right book yet!”

For now, Fossil’s library remains a resource for all students to check out books and explore different subjects. Reading is an adventure that no technology can replace. 

Fain is also the sponsor for the Chocolate Book Club, and if you are interested in joining contact Fain via email or stop by room N217. They read books of all genres to interest every reader. Chocolate Book Club has been meeting Tuesdays at lunch but is considering other days at lunch right now, to fit more students’ schedules.


Correction: Edits were made to clarify and correct the article. The title of administrator changed to sponsor and semi-colon added. The spelling of Maisie Dobbs corrected. The word certified changed to licensed. 8/30/19