Sabercat Story: Marshal Forbes

Marshal Forbes

Alena Leberger, Sports Writer

Marshal Forbes is student at Fossil Ridge High School and plays for the Varsity Football team. He started playing in the seventh grade and has has not fallen out of love with it since. Forbes grew up living in Fort Collins, he went to Timnath Elementary School and then Preston Middle School. He has really enjoyed his time at Fossil and has made a lot of new friends since his freshman year. Coming into his final season of football and final year of being in high school, Forbes is excited to hopefully play one of his best seasons yet. Forbes currently plays the defensive back position on the team but has moved around to different positions each season. 

Playing for the team takes up a lot of his schedule. By spending a lot of time training after school and working out at the school gym in the mornings before class, the coach and team makes sure they are prepared for games each weekend. Forbes makes sure to eat very healthy and get in a lot of carbs to give him energy for the games. He feels like doing that makes sure he is able to play his best and perform with his team to win games. He said, “Out new coaching staff is a lot better than what we had last year.” He feels like the team has been working together very well since the start of the year and they have more of an eagerness to train and win games. They are proud of their win against Fort Collins High School, a big victory for the team. Over playing these past four years, Forbes has gotten hurt a lot from playing. He gets an average of three or four concussions each season along with lots of sprains and bruises. Regular ice baths and resting help the recovery process go faster so he can keep playing each week. Leaving High School, Forbes wants to pressure a career in studying the building of cars, but does not plan on attending college.