April art collection: Reflecting on my improvement throughout the month


Sydney Lammey

A detailed snake tattoo design I worked on throughout a class.

Sydney Lammey, Staff Writer

Last month, my main goal regarding my artwork was to add more color. Unfortunately, I totally forgot about that. Instead of color, I have been trying to work more with ballpoint pens because I really admire the texture and dimension a simple pen can have on my artwork. I have been primarily using mechanical pencils—despite the backlash I have been getting from my mother who happens to be an art teacher—and it is very difficult to add any shading to my sketches.

I had previously talked about my experience with a local tattoo shop in this article and how that sort of ruined my future career goals. I have thought about it a lot this month, and I want to try shadowing at a different shop before completely giving up on my passion. I think I would really like tattooing, just not for a shop run out of somebody’s house with extremely egotistical men.

I used to work for my dad’s forklift company in Denver and I recently went back for a day to help out in the warehouse. I got to talk to my dad’s friend who used to describe his art projects and tattoos, and he gave me a sculpture of a dragonfly he made fully out of wire. That gave me the idea to make my own sculptures. I have not acted on the idea yet, but I can say a project may be coming next month.

My goal for May is to make more art and, hopefully, create some wire-wrapped sculptures.