Fossil exhibits colorful spirit


Anna Henning

Students toss their colors into the air

Macy Fowler

Student Council held Fossil Ridge High School’s annual Color Dance on August 24, where students are able to buy color packets and throw them at their friends. Junior Sarah Pearson, the committee head of the dance, says that the setup is pretty simple, explaining “The biggest thing is getting the color. We have Ridge TV, who is a huge help. We really appreciate them.” The Color Dance is one of Pearson’s favorite events; she adds, “This is my favorite event since my freshman year. I was in the committee freshman year and ever since it’s been my favorite event besides the Bonfire.”

Hayden Fishburn, a senior at Fossil, set up his drone to help Ridge TV with their bird’s eye footage. He explained that, “I have a friend in tv, and they no longer had a drone so I took over for the color dance to help them out.” Fishburn believes the Color Dance is a good time to hang out with friends, even though many of his fellow classmen didn’t show up.

Freshman Zach Dial came to the dance to hang out with his older brother and friends, stating that, “My brother recommended it and I agreed to go.” Dial saw last year’s Ridge TV video they had created and was intrigued since his brother is in TV. Quinn Ybarra, also a freshman, came to the color dance because he also saw last year’s video and thought it was pretty cool. He felt that, “All of my friends are going so I just had to go, I guess.” Ybarra believes he will go to the dance next year.

Emcee for the night, junior Connor Dalrymple, kept the crowd hyped up with students’ favorite songs like “God’s Plan” by Drake, “Africa” by Toto, and “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Dalrymple’s first time as MC left him ecstatic; he stated that, “It was crazy, but so much fun. I totally want to be a part of the Color Dance next year. If I could be the MC again, I would love to do it.” Dalrymple disagrees with the stereotype that the dance is a freshman event, adding that, “It’s definitely an upperclassman event. I want more freshman to come, it’s their first dance. It’s really hard to get freshman to go just because they’re scared. We’re really trying to push it to freshman and let them know this is their first dance of high school, let’s have some fun.”

Fossil’s next dance will be homecoming on September 15 at 8pm. Tickets will become available during lunch the week of homecoming, then will be sold at the doors. You can also buy them on School Pay.