Fossil Dance Team spins into the year


Amanda Benson

Dance team crowds together.

Macy Fowler

Last year, Dance Team made their way to State to compete for the championship in the hip-hop category. This year, they changed to the Pom division, which is the first time they’ve done Pom in years. The team is looking forward to showcasing something new this year; “it’s going to be something different and fun for the girls,” Billie Sprague said.  With two girls having joined the team during fall tryouts, they are now standing at 16 team members with senior Mackenzie Lorenzen as this year’s captain.

Lauren Rael, last year’s head coach, resigned on Monday, September 10, due to her busy work schedule. The team was put into a slight panic, but kept in mind that there was no other option but to move forward as Billie Sprague took the position as interim head coach. “My favorite part of coaching dance is watching these girls shine while in their element. You probably wouldn’t guess, but many of them are quiet and shy. It’s amazing to see them come out of their shell and light up each time they perform,” said Sprague.

Within the last few years, the Dance team has maintained their stature of a head coach and two assistant coaches. They are currently not looking to hire another assistant, but have obtained a sponsorship with TruFit Athletic Club. The dancers will use their facility to rehearse and practice technique. They also have access to weights and a cardio area, as well as fitness classes. The team is in the first few stages of partnering up with a dance studio in town to acquire more access for dance technique training, such as ballet, jazz, hip-hop, leaps, and turns. “We are on our way to building an even stronger, top notch dance team here at Fossil,” says Sprague.

The Dance team held their tryouts to decide who will dance at the League and State Championships, ready to put their best foot forward. In February, the girls are traveling to the Universal Dance Association Nationals in Orlando, Florida to compete. Cheer on your fellow Sabercats as they dance their way to the top.