Sabercat Story: Rachel Cabezas


Gigi LeBerger, Arts Writer

Rachel Cabezas is currently in eleventh grade at Fossil Ridge High School and is playing for the varsity Softball team at Fossil. She is a driven and passionate athlete but a funny, energetic student at school. She prioritizes her schooling and getting good grades, but softball takes up a lot of her free time, making it difficult to keep up with everything else she has going on in her day.

She goes to school from 7:30 a.m. to 2:50 p.m. every day, with practices after school three days a week from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Sometimes, she has multiple games over the weekend. Cabezas then goes home and completes any homework she has due for the next day at school. She says it gets tiring after a while but she loves the sport too much to quit. She has been playing since she was four years old and has grown to love softball more and more every year.

In her family, she has one older brother who is twenty-one years old. Her parents have been married for over 25 years. Her family has always been very supportive with her playing softball, along with teaching her the importance of getting good grades in her class.

Growing up playing this sport, Cabezas stated, “I struggled throughout my time playing because I got too heated during games. It’s been an issue I’ve been working on throughout elementary and middle school. Luckily I grew out of this tendency as I got older and could better handle the hardship of losing a game or tournament.”

Cabezas has been working on improving herself every year and wants to be the best person along with best softball player she can be. Learning to relax during games and to stay calm, Cabezas has made many more friends and has improved her softball skills a lot since the beginning of freshman year.

In the future, Cabezas has hopes to go to Front Range Community college for her first two years of college. Then, she wants to transition to the University of Northern Iowa to continue her studies to become a physical therapist. Her main goal for herself as she grows up and experiences these transitions is, “to do good in school and then to be a successful but also stable adult.”

With her family supporting her and her drive to do better, Cabezas is destined to do great things in life. However, no matter how busy her schedule gets with school and softball, Cabezas always prioritizes family, and spending time with the people she loves and who she is closest too.